Why am I alive?

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  1. Introduction: What is the meaning of life?
  2. Meaninglessness in Life - We don't know where we're going.
  3. Are you searching for security?
  4. We're unique and we want other people to recognize it.
  5. We are searching for personal acceptance and fulfillment.
  6. Review: Why are we alive?
  7. Beginning talks on order and design
  8. Order and design - Evolution.
  9. Order and Design - Problems of Evolution.
  10. Order and Design - The Magnificence of the Universe
  11. Order and Design - Wonders of Heart and Body.
  12. Order and Design - The Complexities of the Body
  13. Order and Design - Makeup of the World.
  14. Order and Design Continued.
  15. Order and Design - The Mind & Einstein's view of the world.
  16. Order and Design - Argument for God's Existence
  17. Evidence for God's Existence
  18. Arguments for God's Existence - A Personal Being
  19. Review of Meaninglessness - Order & Design Continued
  20. "Moral Argument - Selfishness,Conscience and Intuition"
  21. Moral Argument Continued - Consciousness and Selfishness
  22. "Moral Argument - Where Does the Sense of ""I Oughtness"" come from?"
  23. "Brief Review - Moral ""I Oughtness"", Selfishness, Universal Intuition/God"
  24. Empirical and Intuitive Evidence for God's Existence
  25. Empirical Evidence for God's Existence -Clues from the Universe
  26. Why are we alive? Is there a God? What is God like? How is He revealed?
  27. What is God like? Statements from Homer and Buddha
  28. "Various Evidences for God's Existence - Buddha,Mohammed, etc."
  29. Again, Why are we alive?
  30. Further talks...