We all agree there is a vast amount of information on the internet. It would take many lifetimes to read everthing that's been written

Our purpose is to draw your attention to an explanation of reality and life that we've found to make sense. We explore a number of people's experience of life and diety. We hope that you'll find new thoughts that are both challenging and helpful.

Our choice of contributors are interesting people, often noted for their achievements, as well as their beliefs. Their writings, recordings and thoughts have left us a trail to follow. Their hope was that others would find some assistance, as fellow travellers looking to discover the meaning of life.

Why am I alive?

Perhaps the greatest painting, certainly the most renown, is the Mona Lisa. It is thought that Leonardo DaVinci worked at painting it for more than 20 years and upon closest examination - no brush strokes can be individually discerned.

Some experts think his paintbrush was a single bristle and the whole painting was laid down, line by line, layer by layer, from day to week to year after year. We now appreciate the whole and and miss the indiscernable details.

So it is with our lives and thinking. What others see is an articulate whole, but our thoughts are a collection from many sources and different experiences.


As you begin to search for the answer to

'Why, you personally, are alive?'

- we hope you'll follow many different strands offered here and elsewhere and build up a broad answer to the question.